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Dr. Andreas Steiner

Tel.: +49 541 969-2556

Research interests

Macroeconomics, International Economics, Central Banking, Panel Data Analysis  


  • Dr. rer. pol., University of Mannheim, 2009
  • M.Sc. in Economics (Diplom), University of Mannheim, 2002
  • B.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration (Vordiplom), University of Tübingen, 1998 


  • "Reserve Accumulation and Financial Crises: From Individual Protection to Systemic Risk", European Economic Review 70 (2014): 126-144. [Link]
  • "International Reserves and the Composition of Foreign Equity Investment" (joint with Xingwang Qian), Review of International Economics 22, 2 (2014): 379-409. [Link] 
  • "Current Account Balance and Dollar Standard: Exploring the Linkages", Journal of International Money and Finance 41 (2014): 65-94. [Link]
  • “The Accumulation of Foreign Exchange by Central Banks: Fear of Capital Mobility?”, Journal of Macroeconomics 38, Part B (2013): 409-427. [Link] [Link to Working Paper]
  • “How Central Banks Prepare for Financial Crises - An Empirical Analysis of the Effects of Crises and Globalization on International Reserve Holdings”, Journal of International Money and Finance 33 (2013): 208-234. [Link]  [Link to Working Paper]
  • “Do Dynamics and Heterogeneity in Panel Data Models Matter? An Application to Central Banks’ Demand for International Reserves”, Empirical Economics 40, 1 (2011): 165-176. [Link]
  • “Contagious Policies: An Analysis of Spatial Interactions Among Countries’ Capital Account Policies“, Pacific Economic Review 15, 3 (2010): 422-445. [Link] 

Working Papers

  • "Central Banks and Macroeconomic Policy Choices: Relaxing the Trilemma", Journal of Banking and Finance, revise&resubmit.
  • “A Tale of Two Deficits: Public Budget Balance of Reserve Currency Countries”, Institute of Empirical Economic Research Working Paper 97, University of Osnabrück (2013). [Link]
  • “International Reserves and the Composition of Equity Capital Inflows” (joint with Xingwang Qian), Institute of Empirical Economic Research Working Paper No. 90, University of Osnabrück (2012). [Link]
  • “Central Banks’ Dilemma: Reserve Accumulation, Inflation and Financial Stability”, Institute of Empirical Economic Research Working Paper No. 84, University of Osnabrück and CDSE Discussion Paper No. 102, University of Mannheim (2010). [Link]  

Publication in edited volume

  • "Reserve Policies of East Asian Central Banks: Causes, Consequences and Prospects", in: Hilpert, Hanns Günther and Frank Rövekamp (eds.), Currency Cooperation in East Asia, Springer, forthcoming. [Link]