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    • High level of support: You can always talk with us before and after the programs. You will receive an individual appointment within a week. We maintain an open-door policy for urgent cases, such as decisions that can slow down the next steps of a project. The external staff is contactable via email or phone, and an appointment can be made at any time.
    • Feedback discussions: Following Subsequent to projects, seminars, and presentations we offer you the opportunity to have personal feedback discussions. Please contact us in this regard.
    • We are open to personal, and critical discussions. If you prefer to remain anonymous, use our mailbox at the secretariat.

      Lecture Courses, Exercises, and Project Seminars

        • Relevant current literature will be ordered in agreement with the library's financial possibilities.
        • We regularly update lecture course content and documents.
        • Teaching materials can generally be found in stud.ip two business days before the program.
        • We ensure that our presentation content is always current with the state of academic knowledge via intensive research activity. Particularly application-orientation is important to us.
        • Bring your ideas: you can submit self-created exam questions and help us in the constant adaptation and evolution of content.
        • Towards the end of the semester we offer exam training for every lecture courses, in which we present general questions about the exams and examples of exam questions.
        • We offer a download with the current PDF references, further reading, and student or demo versions of the software used for every program.
        • Program evaluations: We have all of our programs evaluated and use constructive criticism to continuously improve the quality of teaching.

          Academic Work

          • We provide support for both theoretical and application-oriented academic papers.
          • We have designed our instructions for editing academic papers in particular detail, and they contain numerous guidelines and tips for you.
          • You will receive a wide range of current and relevant PDF articles when choosing a theme we have suggested
            (Final Thesis Papers). Of course, an independent literature research is necessary for a solid paper.
          • In the event of high academic quality, joint publications from the projects and theses may come about. To date, a number of publications have been published in conference proceedings and in journals in collaboration with students.
          • You can come to us at any time with your own suggestions for topics. After a discussion, the topic can be edited in the form you have requested, or in an adapted form.
          • Practical work provides an excellent opportunity for entering the profession. Therefore we encourage practical work in cooperation with partner companies.
          • After correction, we also offer the opportunity for a personal feedback discussion.

          We need your help for the successful implementation of our service promise:

            • Attendance in the programs
            • Active and constructive participation
            • Punctuality
            • Cooperation and respect for teachers and fellow students, just as we show respect for you