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21. January 2022 : Additional teaching offer: Master's seminar "Personnel Selection" in the coming summer semester 2022

In response to the challenging study situation during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department of Business Administration is offering an additional Master's seminar on "Personnel Selection" in the coming summer semester 2022. The subject area of personnel selection will be comprehensively covered with seminar papers from the areas of scientist-practitioner gap in personnel selection, specific personnel selection procedures (e.g. intelligence tests, handwriting analysis), errors of judgement in personnel selection (e.g. attractiveness, similarity) as well as modern developments in personnel selection (e.g. social media profile analysis, video-assisted job interviews).

The aim of the seminar is for students to acquire advanced competences in the subject area of business management, especially in the discussion of theoretical issues and practical implications in the field of personnel management and personnel selection. You will acquire advanced methodological skills of scientific work by writing a term paper and improve your communication skills by giving a presentation.

The number of participants is limited to 25 places. Detailed information on the course can be found in the Stud.IP event. Please register now by e-mail (incl. current transcript) to Maximilian Klimek (see syllabus in Stud.IP) by 24 February at the latest. The submission of your examination certificates does not constitute a binding registration. If necessary, the department will decide on participation. Please register for the course under Stud.IP so that we can inform you accordingly.

The Department of Management is looking forward to an exciting Master's seminar!