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New DFG-funded project on "Participatory visioning for collective action in natural resource management"

A new DFG-funded project on "Participatory Visioning for Collective Action in Natural Resource Management" started at the Department of Environmental Economics on 01.05.2022.

It is part of a new cluster of research by the department on how participatory approaches to agriculture and natural resource management should best be designed, and what specific methods are most effective.
In the new project, Juan Felipe Ortiz-Riomalo and Stefanie Engel are investigating the participatory visioning (PVB) approach and its implications for the (over)use of natural resources. Field experiments with farmers in Colombia are planned.

The project draws on the concepts and methods of institutional analysis, behavioral science, and experimental economics. It will be conducted in strategic social-ecological systems for the conservation of biodiversity, water and food supply, and livelihoods in the Andean region. Specifically, the project focuses on the wetland ecosystems of Lakes Sonso, La Cocha (also known as Guamuez) and Tota in Colombia, in the departments of Valle del Cauca, Nariño and Boyacá. In these locations, the relevant stakeholders must balance particular interests with socially desirable socio-ecological outcomes.

The contact person in our team is Dr. Juan Felipe Ortiz-Riomalo.
The duration of the project is two years.