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Student Research Projects

With a regular duration of two semesters research projects give students the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in a real-live business environment. Students are placed in small groups assigned with current-state analises, target concept design and prototypical implementation of desired solutions. During the whole project the groups are advised by professors and scientific assistants.Common topics are organizational- or process-analyses, market studies, and the design of expert systems.

Student Thesis (Bachelor and Master) in Cooperation

In cooperation with regional or national companies students are assigned with individual topics for final theses with a duration of two to six months in which concepts and solutions for clearly defined problems are to be derived.

Doctoral Dissertationen

In close cooperation with one or more companies doctoral students investigate specific problems that need extensive research over a period of several years.  Regularly these are problems which cannot be solved with state of the art solutions and thus have to be scientifacally investigated. Doctoral dissertations may also be part of personnel development activities as the doctoral student is prepared for his or her future position by the research project.

Third-Party Funded Projects

This is the most flexible form of cooperation. Depending on type and scope of the problem scientific assistens and/or students are placed in a research and development team which is supervised by a professor. These projects lead to innovative as well as directly applicable solutions and thus extensivly integrate science and practice.