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Bachelor's Program in Information Systems

The consecutive intensified programs in Information Systems are strucutrally devided into a Bachelor's program with a duration of six semester and a Master's program with a duration of 15 months.
In the Bachelor's program students gather 210 ECTS Credits. This means the program conveys about 20% more content than other, "traditional" programs. Thus it is necessary to shorten semester breaks. Student's success is guaranteed by small groups and extraordinary councelling services. Contents of the Bachelor's program come from the areas of Business Administration, Economics, Quantitative Methods, Law, Computer Science and of course the core Information Systems field.

The Master's programm is divided into mandatory courses from the areas of Information Systems and Business Administration and so-called Major Electives. The Major-Electives focus on recent research objectives of the four Information Systems Chairs of the Institute of Information Management and Information Systems Engineering. Students can choose three out of five Major Electives. In one of their Major Electives students need to conduct a large research project with a volume of 20 ECTS credits which is generally conducted in cooperation with regional or national companies.Altogether students gather 90 ECTS Credits in the 15 months of their Master's program.

Goals of the Information Systems Master's program

Graduates of our Master's program are required to know and use specific concepts and results of current research in the fields of

  • Business Intelligence,
  • Organization of cooperative, virtual businesses
  • Information Management as well as
  • IT-Risik Management.

They know cross-cultural issues in large IS-Projects and can evaluate their influence, know concepts of controlling, specifically IT- controlling and are able to use their knowledge in a business setting. Students are able to implement complex IS infrastructures and evaluate their solutions with regard to their ability to solve comprehensive business problems. The students are able to work in a scientific manner and are therefore qualified for admission for doctoral studies.


[Translate to English:] Madatory/Elective Field of Study
Mandatory Advanced Business Administration
International Management of IS
Major Electives Organization and IS
Advanced Management Support
IT-Risk-Management and IT-Audit
Information Management
IS Project
Mandatory Thesis

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