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Study individualization through digital, data-based assistants

Project description

In today’s digital world, in which global networking is already commonplace for young adults, students expect, that the course of study provide more than the prescribed curriculum. Therefore, universities have to ask themselves, how to respond to such requirements.

Within the joint project “SIDDATA”, it is going to be investigated, whether and how students can be supported efficiently and effectively by achieving individual educational goals. For this purpose, data and information, which are not previously linked, are going to be combined in an individual digital study assistant. In this project, such a study assistant will be exemplary implemented at three universities. In addition to the University of Osnabrück with the Chair of Business Administration, Organisation and Business Informatics, the Center for Digital Teaching, Campus Management and University Didactics and the Institute of Cognitive Sciences, the Leibniz University of Hanover, the University of Bremen and the HIS Institute for Higher Education Development are also involved in this project. The digital assistant, which has to be developed, should be able to provide situation-specific hints, reminders and recommendations. Besides it should enable comparisons with individual, factual and social reference standards and other appropriate measurements. The application should moreover combine several levels of analysis in which different factors have an influence on the efficiency and effectiveness for the studies. For the collection and evaluation of these condition and design factors, different methods of data acquisition and analysis are going to be applied.

Project objectives

Further detailed project objectives are the survey of organisational conditions for success in form of qualitative interviews, the development of incentive models for sustainable cooperation and active participation of teachers, the elaboration of requirements and potential barriers for students as well as the development of distribution and operating models, quality management models for teaching modules, market and procurement models and action strategies for the introduction and operation. Furthermore, the acceptance of students and non-student stakeholder will be surveyed after the conception of the initial pilot system. This survey is going to be conducted at both qualitative and quantitative levels.


Within the scope of the funding programme “Innovation Potentials of Digital Higher Education”, the joint project “Study Individualization by Digital, Data-Based Assistants” (SIDDATA) is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research from the 1st of November 2018. Initially, the joint project will be carried out for the period of 3,5 years, if successful, it can be extended by further 2,5 years. The funding amount is 3.9 million euro in total, half of it, 1.95 million euro, is going to be transmitted to the University of Osnabrück.


42 Months

Project beginning: the 1st of November 2018

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