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Economic Informatics (WI)

Welcome to the website of the Professorship for Business Informatics.

You can find information about the chairholder, Sofia Schöbel, and her team under "Team". An overview of our teaching offerings as well as information about the courses can be found under "Teaching & Studies". To learn more about the research areas of the professorship, please visit the "Research" section.

In our research, the Junior Professorship focuses on three main areas. In addition to analyzing persuasive system design and the associated use of gamification and digital nudging, we also explore the design of smart assistants, better known as chatbots or Amazon's Alexa. A third focus in our research revolves around digital and virtual work environments.

You can find information about all of these points on the respective web pages of the Junior Professorship.


Vortrag zum Thema künstliche Intelligenz und Chatbots auf dem SLS 2022 in Frankfurt

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Im Rahmen der European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS2022) wurde erstmalig der AISD First Award verliehen.

Der Award wird für herausragende erste Publikationen in A oder B...

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Erfolgreiche Panel Diskussion zum Thema Gamification im Bereich Management Education

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