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Das Team vom Fachgebiet Unternehmensrechnung und Wirtschaftsinformatik

Accounting and Information Systems (UWI)

Welcome the the website of the Department of Accounting and Information Systems (UWI)!

The Faculty of Corporate Accounting and Information Systems (UWI), under the direction of Prof. Dr. Frank Teuteberg and a team of more than 20 employees (7 academic staff, 2 associate staff and a further 8 external (project) staff/PhD students/scholarship holders) undertakes research (e.g. the projects Dorfgemeinschaft 2.0, Apotheke 2.0, Reko and eCoInnovate IT) and teaching that is meant to analyse and develop concepts, (reference) models, processes, and innovative information systems in the area of sustainable corporate management, the digitisation of business, and the digital transformation of society, on a solid theoretical basis. The focus of research (e.g. decision behaviour among users of digital technologies, theories and (effect) models regarding the use of digital technologies, implications for the development of digital business models and platforms, as well as for the everyday life of people) is to elucidate and design this transformation in application areas such as e-health, mobility, human-computer interaction, (agricultural) logistics, or industry 4.0. For more information on Information Systems for prospective students, students, and junior researchers, visit the Community Website.



Theoretical and practical orientation are not mutually exclusive in this respect, but are understood to be complementary aspects of the UWI department's academic work. The available academic programs aim to impart rational concepts, theoretical approaches, practically applicable methods, and proficiency in the use of relevant standard software for analysis, planning, and reporting with regard to sustainable corporate management and the digital transformation of business and society. Students should come to understand the complex interrelationships of the digital transformation in business and society, enabling them to shape it as employees and managers in the digital age. The current research results of recent years are being published in leading journals regulary. A selection of papers that has been published in highly ranked journals can be found here.

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WI 2015

The Department organized the WI 2015 in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Oliver Thomas.