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The research at the Chair of Marketing is best described as empirical and quantitative research. At the same time, the tuition relates theoretical research to its practical application.

Cooperation with DFG (completed)

Project at the Department of Marketing in cooperation with DFG (German Research Foundation, the largest German research funding organisation)

“The effects of prices and price promotions on price bundling”

The largest German research funding organisation DFG funded a research project at the Department of Marketing at University of Osnabrück with more than 100.000 €. The project was dedicated to researching effects of price and price promotions within price bundles. Evaluating pricing information not only depends on the height of the price but also on the type of presentation. Relevant research of the past two decades focused on psychological aspects of consumers evaluating pricing information. The research area is commonly named ‘behavioural pricing’ or ‘price framing’.

Price bundling is a common form of setting prices. This includes two or more different products being offered at the same price. Usual examples of this refer to restaurants’ menus in the fast-food area, flight-fares, hotel booking and other package tours or even special offer packages that come with new cars.

As seen from the perspective of its importance, only little research has been done in the area of price bundling combined with behavioural pricing. This research topic is thus still incomplete. Two important questions within this research were addressed within the project.