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11. March 2021 : New Master Module: Organizational Behavior

We are pleased to offer the Organizational Behavior master's module for the first time in the upcoming summer semester of 2021. The course looks at behavior in organizations both at the individual level (e.g., related to personality, values, emotions, etc.) and at the group level (e.g., relationships and power). Possible lecture topics include stress management and diversity in organizations, communication and conflict/negotiation in teams. In addition, this course will give you the opportunity to earn bonus points for the exam as part of a small
empirical research project. If you are interested in the course, you can already register for it at StudIP (https://studip.uni-osnabrueck.de/dispatch.php/course/overview?cid=0a855e6bcd64c1e9bf6b6374a1d09c8a). First organizational and content-related information will follow there shortly.