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Impacts of Ecosystem Dynamics on Human Cooperative Behaviour

Many social-ecological systems can exist in alternative stable states which differ in their species composition, rates of ecological process and the ecosystem services they provide to humans. Gradual change in ecosystem’s conditions might cause a loss of resilience. As a consequence, even small perturbations can push it over a threshold and it shifts to an alternative regime. In this project, we use experimental economic methodology to examine the impact of ecological tipping points on human cooperative behaviour and analyse the impact of inaccurate forecats of extreme climate conditions on individuals´willingness to invest in adaption. The behavioural responses of resource users are assumed to be determined by the threat of irreversible changes and early warning signals which point to possible locations of thresholds. The aim is to improve policy designs that promote integrated resource management strategies.

Contact persons in our team are Katharina Hembach and Prof. Dr. Stefanie Engel.