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School of Business Administration and Economics

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Board of Directors

Prof. Frank Westermann, Ph.D., International Economic Policy
-Head of the Institute-
Prof. Dr. Valeriya Dinger, rer.pol., Macroeconomics  
Prof. Dr. Joachim Wilde, rer.pol., Econometrics and Statistics

Lecturers and associated faculty members

PD. Dr. Sven Steinkamp, International Economic Policy
Dr. Christoph Bierbrauer, Macroeconomics
Jun.- Prof. Dr. Daniel Marcel te Kaat, Macroeconomics

Academic Staff

Dr. Daria Suprunenko, International Economic Policy
Dr. Mykola Ryzhenkov, International Economic Policy
M. Sc. Vera Baye, Macroeconomics
M. Sc. Lisado Erman, Macroeconomics
M. Sc. Julian Meyer, Macroeconomics
Dr. Sarah Forstinger, Econometrics and Statistics
M. Sc. Kai Kettler, Econometrics and Statistics

Administration & Office

Karin Wessler-Rensmann, Office Prof. Frank Westermann, Ph.D.
Angela Kühn, Office Prof. Dr. Valeriya Dinger, rer.pol.
Tugce Akdeniz, Office Prof. Dr. Joachim Wilde, rer.pol.