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Enterprise Cooperations

Besides research and teaching we execute projects in cooperation with enterprises in our Center for Enterprise Solutions (CES) of our department. These cooperations provide a “win-win-situation” for the university as well as for the contributing enterprises.

On the one hand the enterprises can draw on the specific know-how of the current research and on the other hand the doctoral students and other students get the chance to implement or extent their concepts and models from their research in practice. This linkage between teaching, research and enterprise cooperations is the foundation for a successful knowledge transfer between universities and industries.

The developed theories, concepts and models from research are not only presented in the lectures at the university but are also applied for the enterprise cooperations. A typical example represents the V-model which is not only taught in the project management lecture but furthermore used as a popular procedure in the private enterprises and in the public services.

The combination of these different fields delivers concepts, solutions and outcomes which can ensure the success of a project. These include for example a catalogue for requirements for a software selection, a cost-effectiveness analysis or a target-process model.