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Bachelor's and master's theses

General Information

Final theses are allocated via an automated, central allocation procedure in the Online Examination Information and Management System (OPIuM). If the demand for thesis supervision places exceeds the capacity of the department, the places will be allocated by the department according to certain criteria. You can download the criteria here

If you plan to write your thesis at our department in the coming semester, please register in the online registration at the examination office.

The department offers a colloquium for final theses. All thesis candidates are registered directly by the secretary's office in the event in Stud-IP. It is called: "Graduate Colloquium International Economic Policy". There you will also find a guide to writing a thesis with further information.

Finding a topic

Possible topics for theses come mainly from the areas of International Finance, International Trade, European Economic Policy, and Development Economics. In principle, however, all topics from the field of economics/international economic policy can be worked on.

Bachelor topic assignment
Our department will provide you with a list of topics that we feel are suitable. You may choose topics from this list. The possible topics will be presented in an information session. You inform us of three topic preferences by a set date. We then distribute the topics, taking the preferences into account. If there is an excess demand for individual topics (or if we do not receive a topic preference from you), a topic will be assigned by lot.

Master topic assignment
First, independently think about two to three topics that you can imagine working on as part of your master's thesis. Ideally, through an independent literature search, you will find a related article that has been published in an academic journal (an economics/international economic policy journal) within the last few years. After you have read this, please come to Mr. Westermann's office hours with the article (after making an appointment with the secretary's office) and discuss a precise topic formulation with him.