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Institute of Empirical Economic Research


On May, 12th, Aart de Zeeuw (Tilburg University, The Netherlands) will present his most recent paper in our research seminar.


“Conference on Financial Globalization and De-Globalization: Perspectives and Prospects”,
May 3-4, 2021,
City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong (or University of Southern California, if conditions by November 2020 dictate)

Welcome to the Institute of Empirical Economic Research at the University of Osnabrueck. The Institute is a cooperation of three chairs:

International Economic Policy,

Macroeconomics and

Econometrics and Statistics

The Institute maintains its own Working Paper Series and a Research Seminar,
in which both, members of the Institute and external researchers, present
their academic papers. The emphasis of the Institute lies on theory-based
empirical research and economic policy consulting. In teaching and research
a broad spectrum of methods in applied economics is employed.

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Institute of Empirical Economic Research
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