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Research Seminar

Within the scope of this seminar invited researchers from other universities or research instituts present their recent academic papers.

Osnabrueck University
Institute of Empirical Economic Research
Rolandstr. 8
49078 Osnabrueck - Germany

29 / E13

Tuesday 4:15 pm

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Presentations in the summer term 2018

Eva Dettmann (IWH Halle)
"Heterogeneous effects of investment grants.
Evidence from a new measurement approach"
Tai-Kuang Ho (National Tsing Hua University Taiwan)
“Were Capital Flows the Culprit of the Weimar Economic Crisis?”
15.05.2018Jutta Guenther (University Bremen)
"The R&D sector under conditions of an economic crisis – experiences from European economies"
05.06.2018Yin-Wong Cheung (City University Hong Kong)
"The RMB Central Parity Formation Mechanism: August 2015 to December 2016"
12.06.2018Michael Melvin (University of California San Diego)
"Retaining Alpha: the effect of trade size and rebalance strategy on FX returns"
In room: 11/115

Andrea Schertler (University Lueneburg)
"Shock Transmission through Shared Directors: Evidence from Bank Enforcement Actions"