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Research Seminar

Osnabrueck University
Institute of Empirical Economic Research
Rolandstr. 8
49078 Osnabrueck - Germany

29 / E13 (possible deviations are marked with *.)

Tuesday  4:15 pm

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Within the scope of this seminar invited researchers from other universities or research instituts present their recent academic papers.

Presentations in the summer term 2023

02.05.2023Jörg Breitung (Universität zu Köln)
"An endogeneity correction based on a nonparametric control function approach"
30.05.2023Yin-Wong-Cheung (University of California, Santa Cruz)
"Commodity Price Effects on Currencies."
06.06.2023Joshua Aizenman (Dockson Chair in Economics and International Relations USC and the NBER, Los Angeles)
"Mundell-Fleming Open Economy Trilemma in the 21st Century–
Are we heading towards a multipolar global architecture?"
13.06.2023Malte Knüppel (Deutsche Bundesbank, Frankfurt)
„Assessing the ex ante uncertainty in the US SPF“
20.06.2023Alexander Sandkamp (Kiel University)
"Flood Events and Plant Level Trade: A Chinese Experience"
04.07.2023Ayşegül Kayaoglu (Istanbul University)
“Gender-Sensitive Effects of Ethnic Enclaves on Syrian Refugees’ Paid Employment in Turkey”