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Structure of the Bachelor’s program “Business Administration and Economics”

Osnabrück University offers the opportunity to study the Bachelor’s program “Business Administration and Economics” which combines studies in business administration and in economics. According to the chosen modules, students graduate with specialization either in “Business Administration”, "Economics” or choose a generalist focus.

The regular study period of the program “Business Administration and Economics” is six semesters and completes with the degree “Bachelor of Science”. The program is divided into three phases - assessment, orientation and specialization - each entailing two semesters.

The assessment and the orientation phase are the same for all students. The specialization phase serves for imparting advanced knowledge in selected areas of business administration and economics. Students have the opportunity to elect modules corresponding to their interests and skills.

The module handbook (in German) gives an overview of the courses offered by the School of Business Administration and Economics. A look at the websites of the different departments can also help to get an idea about the courses.