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Osnabrück University’s Department of Information Management and Information Systems (IMWI) is focussing on a long-term perspective for the further development of information technology. In this context, information technology is interpreted as a tool to strengthen the strategic position of companies and information as an entrepreneurial resource. The research activities are dedicated to the effective and economic supply of business with the necessary information, as well as the management of the allocated technical and human resources.

The department is subdivided into the four following research groups: Business Process Management & Analysis, Product-Service Systems Engineering, IT Governance, Risk & Compliance Management, as well as Mobile & Wearable Information Systems.

The interdisciplinary working group provides the interface between Business Administration, Engineering, Information Systems and Computer Science. Our team’s orientation complies with the aim of developing specific and sustainable solutions, based on our application-orientated research; ensuring their continuous transfer into practice as a support of a corporate and market-driven management.

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Business Process Management & Analysis

Product-Service Systems Engineering

IT Governance, Risk & Compliance Management

Mobile & Wearable Information Systems