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Overview of all courses

TitleKind (SHW)LecturersModule classification1)Examination
Bachelor's programme
Decision TheoryL+T (2+2)Gillenkirch, STWIWI-B-01004-MAEx (60)
Cost AccountingL+T (2+2)Gillenkirch, STWIWI-B-01007-MAEx(60)
ProseminarS (2)Gillenkirch, RAWIWI-B-01009-SK 2)T+P
Con B1: Basic Course ControllingL+E (4+2)Gillenkirch, RAWIWI-B-03106-{AC/MA}Ex (120)
Theses colloquiumC (1)Gillenkirch, RA------
Master programme
Con M1: Value-Based ControllingL+E (4+2) 4)Gillenkirch, RAWIWI-M-23002-{AC/MA}Ex (120)
Con M2: Management Accounting and Control
L+E (2+1) 4)Gillenkirch, RAWIWI-M-23003-{AC/MA}Ex (120)
Con M3: Behavioral Management Accounting
L+C (1+1) 5)Gillenkirch, RAWIWI-M-23004-ACEP (60)
Seminar in the DepartmentS (2)Gillenkirch, RAWIWI-M-23S04-{AC/MA}T+P
Case studies on Business ValuationS (2)LienauWIWI-M-04S09-{AC/MA}T+P
Seminar on Strategic ManagementS (2)FeltenWIWI-M-24S04-MAT+P
Theses colloquiumC (1)Gillenkirch, RA------
Doctoral programme
Doctoral courseL+C (1+1) 6)Gillenkirch---T+P
Doctoral colloquiumC (1)Gillenkirch------

Key and annotations

L = Lecture; E = Exercise; T = Tutorial Exercise; S = Seminar; C = Colloquium
SHWsemester hours per week
STStudent tutors
RAResearch Assistants
Ex (60, 120)Examination (60 min./120 min.)
T+PThesis + Presentation
EPExercise performance
1)The designation {AC/MA} means that the module can optionally be credited (informal application by e-mail to the Examination Office) as an accounting or management module.
2)The Proseminar is one of two modules of the compulsory module "Scientific Work". See the module description in the faculty's module catalogue.
3)The course is part of the module "Fortgeschrittene Methoden der Wirtschaftswissenschaften". The examination is conducted for the entire module. See the module description in the faculty's module catalogue.

Probably in English -
here you can find a list of all Bachelor and Master English language courses

5)with a limited number of participants
6)The course is part of the doctoral program GPAR