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08. März 2017 : Journal paper accepted for publication in the journal „Management Review Quarterly“

„Information and Communication Technology in Green Logistics – Status Quo and Research Gaps" by Volker Frehe and Frank Teuteberg has been accepted for publication in the Journal „Management Review Quarterly“ (MRQ).

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Management Review Quarterly

The purpose of the paper is to determine the status quo of research on applications of information and communication technology (ICT) in green logistics (GL) and offer recommendations for future research. As existing reviews mostly concentrate on either a specific logistics area or supply chain management; no studies focus on the use of ICT in GL at a superordinate level. This paper’s holistic evaluation of the state of research in this underexplored area and its propositions for future research help to fill this gap in the literature.

MRQ (former known as Journal für Betriebswirtschaft) is currently classified as a C-rated journal according to the VHB Jourqual3 ranking. MRQ was founded in 1951, what makes it one of the oldest research based business journals internationally. Moreover, the journal was lastly ranked 23th out of 143 (in 2011) in the category of „Economics, Econometrics and Finance (Miscellaneous)“ according to SCOPUS.